Subject: Fresh from Thailand
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Fresh from Thailand

Date & Time of Session:  Monday 13th night
Location:  NP
Name:  didnt ask. S266
Link: N/A
Nationality & Language: Thai. Good english. can make conversation
Age: 25
Face:  4/5
Body: 5/5 natural and tight. all cleanly shaved
Height:  160
Skill: 3/5
Service: 4/5
GFE: 4/5
PSE: 3/5
Price & Session Length:  600/45m
Repeat: Yes (only if she stops complaining)

I tried to book two girls Jinny and Rika- Thai/Japanese. they're all full. an agent gave me a new fresh one who arrived today. I asked for double time, but just 1 sex.

Arrived to her doorstep, she looks cute and cheerful. good body ratio. of course, very bangable. her tits is perfectly round. looks like a fake bolt-on but i see no scar. feels natural. she also has a huge back tattoos.

her pussy is completely shaved. she's very petite. while showered, i french kissed her and tongue actions. fingering. sucked her nipples until she gets hard.

We go slow and sensually kissed all over her pussy. licking and sucking her pussy. then i rubbed her clit with my cock. LKF to DFK. juicy. more foreplay for another few mins - that makes her feel good.

capped a dom then went slow momentum. riding on me like slow dancing. her pussy is tight. i thrusted all the way to the end.

switch to standing mish, a perfect view. thin waist. easy to grab on while pounding hard   as she cannot take it anymore, she screaming loud. she couldnt take a bigg size. she told me it felt all the way to her stomach lol im chinese bruh

then cannot do pound town. had to go slow. massaging iinside with my cock. she feels good in this way.

switched to cowgirl again, and a little bit of soft pounding. french kissing while i shot loads.

asked her if she wants another one, she ended up with a no as she cant take it. so we both showered, rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks for the final time. cummed another loads.

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Lchino150   4-12-2023 12:56  Acceptance  +2   thanks for the info brother
Leg_o_man   18-11-2023 18:00  Karma  +4   Excellent
arikop   16-11-2023 18:47  Karma  +6   Would love to try her out as well
momozzz   15-11-2023 15:44  Karma  +4   thanks for sharing. She looks nice but a bit a pain in the ass no?
Adwxxiv   15-11-2023 15:12  Acceptance  +1   
robbb   15-11-2023 13:19  Karma  +3   
HK_Legend   15-11-2023 09:07  Karma  +10   
Tonymiddle   14-11-2023 22:48  Acceptance  +1   Favorable
booby_lover   14-11-2023 22:12  Karma  +6   The complaining is funny to read but would have been annoying. Glad you rubbed one off on her.
nanozzz   14-11-2023 21:41  Karma  +1   
TedKoppel   14-11-2023 16:11  Karma  +3   
calaisien   14-11-2023 16:07  Karma  +6   nice and good price. is this agent girls at hotel or 141 bld?
Pervysan   14-11-2023 11:35  Acceptance  +1   Excellent
pierrot   14-11-2023 10:39  Karma  +5   Excellent
Skepti10   14-11-2023 08:35  Karma  +4   
nnbbs   14-11-2023 08:03  Karma  +4   
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I got more of her photo on instagram

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Adwxxiv   15-11-2023 15:14  Acceptance  +1   
robbb   15-11-2023 13:18  Karma  +3   She must like you a lot if she gave you her IG!
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Thank you for your lovely review!

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momozzz   15-11-2023 15:41  Acceptance  -2   Hii, please read our forum guidelines and use the rating feature to reward the author.

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