Subject: SEX141 Forum Welcome { Newbies please read! }
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SEX141 Forum Welcome { Newbies please read! }

Welcome to the Forum!

i) Welcome, new board member!

You've just joined a community of mongers from around the world whose mission is to seek out new working girls and mongering grounds, and then to boldly go and report.  Apologies Gene.

You will find a lot on this board.  Reviews of working girls in Hong Kong and around the world - some that advertise on this site and a lot that don't.  You will also find guides to cities, saunas, do's and dont's, as well as tips on making punts more enjoyable and how avoid being scammed.

There are many years' worth of contributions and information here and a lot of guides to the forum and how to find information.  A few are listed at the bottom of this page.  Remember "
Search is your friend".

ii) Rules & Etiquette

Every board has to have rules and we're no exception.  

Some boards are like the wild west with uncontrolled flame wars, and thousands of useless comments to wade through.  We try to make everyone's experience here enjoyable by having a respectful community that is well organized and is built on caring and sharing. Achieving this takes rules.
Please read the rules before you make your first post.  We want you to start off right, please read this: SEX141 FORUM RULES

Probably the most common rule violation by Newbies, which sometimes creates antagonism among the more senior members, is to post one-line replies in a report thread. Typically, the intent is to thank the original poster (OP), or to ask for contact info, and sometimes just to make a short comment. DO NOT do this! Rate the original post instead (as explained below), and say or ask whatever you like in the rating comment. This does not mean you cannot participate in the discussion in the thread: by all means do so if you think your comments might be useful to the other readers of the thread.

For additional DOs and DONTs information, please read this: SEX141 FORUM ETIQUETTE

iii) How the Board is Organised

Some people like a review board just to read and write reviews, and don't want a lot of clutter.  Other people like the sense of community and banter with friends, so our board is divided into reports-only sections, and non-report sections.  

To help you find the best place to post, please read this: Forum Sections Guide - What to post and not to post in each section!

iv) Rewarding Contributors

Speaking of all of this information - there is one reason it exists - we contribute!  We encourage people to write, and report, and discuss and not just LURK.  Which brings us to the subject of CREDITS.

If you look to the left of the screen by everyone's name you will see several scores, including Credits, Karma and Acceptance.  These are how we reward each other for participating.  If you see a post that you like, reward it by clicking on the [Rating] link at the bottom of the post. You'll have a chance to say "Well done" or "wow, she's pretty", and also to give some Karma or Acceptance points to the author.  That way the author is encouraged to participate more.  

In reverse order, here's what those items mean:

  • ACCEPTANCE: Is used to leave a comment or 'like' someone's post.  If you agree with someone, or want to add a short comment, write it here - and give acceptance points
  • KARMA: Is used to reward good mongering related information.  We give K's to each other for reports or good mongering intel.
  • CREDITS: Are calculated as a combination of Karma and Acceptance.  Credits = Karma + (Acceptance / 20).  Credits determine your Reading Access (RA).
As a Newbie, you will only be able to give out Acceptance points, but as you rise up the ranks, you can award both Acceptance and Karma, and progressively more of each.
To know more about the daily allowances for each rank, please see the table below.

v) Reading Access

When anyone creates a post or adds a picture they have the ability to set Reading Access (RA) on that post or picture.  If you have high enough RA then you can see the picture or post.  Your ranking and RA is determined by your credit score, as explained above.  

Note we usually use the words KARMA when referring to CREDITS, since at 1/20th of a K, Acceptance points don't have much effect. Most pictures have a minimum of at least RA30, and some are RA50 and higher. So your reward for contributing is to see each other's pics.

The following table specifies how your accumulated credit score translates into Reading Access, Title, Karma, and Acceptance limits you may award per day (in parenthesis) and per post:

Reading Access
Below 0
RA 1
Buggered Beggar
None None
0-99 RA 10
Nookie Newbie
None (10) +1
100-199 RA 20
Musky Member (20) +2
(20) +2
200-499 RA 30
Carnal Conqueror (30) +3
(30) +3
500-999 RA 40
Lustful Lord (40) +4
(40) +4
1,000-1,999 RA 50
Kinky King (50) +5
(50) +5
2,000-2,999 RA 60
Erotic Emperor (60) +6
(60) +6
3,000-4,999 RA 70
Throbbing Titan (70) -1,+8
(70) -1,+8
5,000-7,499 RA 80
Master Mongerer (80) -1,+10
(80) -1,+10
7,500-9,999 RA 90
Godfather of Hole (90) -1,+10 (90) -1,+10
10,000-17,499 RA 100
Fucking Legend(100) -1,+10
(100) -1,+10
17,500 +
RA 110
Sex God (110) -1,+10 (110) -1,+10
RA 120
Section Moderator
RA 150
Forum Moderator
RA 200

To make a long story short, you will increase your RA faster by posting good reports and pictures.
But if you need more tips, please read this:
How to Increase your Karma / Reading Access Level !!!

vi) Writing Quality Reports

Some review boards like reviews to be short and brief but board members here tend to reward longer and more complete reports with pictures.  Take a look at a selection of reports and note which ones have the most K given.  We encourage you to use our REPORT TEMPLATE to write your report.  

vii) Posting Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. This forum is about sharing your escapades, so what could be better than including some pictures in your reports?

While in general, members can decide how they want to restrict (or unrestrict) their reports, there are certain minimum RAs required when dealing with real photos or videos.

For more information on how to set RA on pictures / videos, please read this:
Posting Real Photos & Videos of WGs

This board has size limits on posting pictures, so if you just try and upload a multi-megapixel image straight from your camera you will hit the limit pretty fast. Resizing your pics first will make the upload faster, and you'll be able to include more pics.  The ideal size is 800 pixels for the longest side.
For more information on resizing, please read this:
Why resizing photos before uploading makes them better quality?

viii) Questions

You are new and you have a million questions.  We know - we've all been newbies before and we remember.  But chances are your question has been asked and answered before, so please do a quick search of the Questions and Answers section (or a forum-wide search) before asking a new question.

Contributing bros' (yeah, you're a bro now) have also made a number of
FAQ's and guides that answer the most common questions.
And if you really can't find an answer - feel free to post the question in our Mongering Talk section.  

ix) Acronyms

You'll see a lot of jargon and acronyms such as BBBJ, MCOT, and DFK.  
For a full glossary, please read this: A list of terms and acronyms [GLOSSARY]

Something for Everyone!

If you punt a lot you will find reports from all around the world - there are reports on WG's (Working Girls) in almost every major city. Click on the Search link above and in the Keywords field put your city name in square brackets - i.e. [Bangkok]
Hong Kong, Macau and China punters have their own sections - so just browse through the section for posts.

If you don't punt much
you are still welcome here!  In addition to discussing reports that other bro's have written (you'll get 1 K for each post you make so you'll still move up - just slower), you can contribute guides and intel, news stories, erotica, jokes, or just chat. Please keep your posts in the reporting sections relevant and use the ratings for compliments and one-line comments.

So welcome! Start off by introducing yourself in the
Introduce yourself thread, read some of our reports, then get out there and have fun. We all look forward to seeing your contributions.

Other Guides and Information

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