Subject: [USA][CA][San Jose] LKS HaYun
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[USA][CA][San Jose] LKS HaYun

Date & time of session: Nov 2023, Lunch Time
Location: Milpitas
Name: HaYun
Nationality & Language: Korean, Fluent Chinese, and English (I mainly talked to her in Mandarin)
Age: Late 20’s to early 30’s

Face: 2.5/5 (not my type of face)
Body: 5/5 (very slender, athletic build, think she had b-cups?)
Skill: 5/5
Service: 5/5 (very attentive)
Attitude: 5.5 / 5
GFE: 5/5
PSE: 5/5
Price: $280/HR
Repeat: No sure yet

Decided to revisit LKS after my first taste with Niay awhile back and pull the trigger on HaYun. Quick (re-)verification and I was ready to go.

I was able to find a parking spot in the area, but I can see how the limited number of spaces may make parking difficult. Getting into the room was actually less of a hassle than anticipated. Communications were initially piecewise, and I thought I would lose reception going into the Garage / complex. The latter didn't happen and I was able to receive all communications needed and getting to the designated place was relatively straightforward.

Hayun has an amazing body, great attitude, and really good service (see above). She gave me the impression that I’m with the naughty high school girl that teases you when no one is watching and wants you to do the same. I can see the resemblance of her face in some of her pictures, but there is definitely more PS than I would have liked (her face isn’t quite for me). I would say the picture of her putting on heels somewhat resembles her face. Having said that, her other attributes more than made up for that during the session.

After getting through the door, we exchanged hellos followed by DFK. She then led me to her bathroom for mouth wash and shower.

After the shower, she started with her giving me a bj in front of the mirror - I could basically see her working me in the mirror and I loved the feeling it gave me. We then moved to 69 (her recommendation), allowing me to explore her before going to the main event. We then had a quick chat on using a cover, which ended in her riding me CG BBFS for a good couple of minutes. The way she squeezed me as she bounced up and down felt amazing! We then switched to mish and DFK, leading to the exhilaration of popping the 1st of 3 shots inside her.

Still hard after the 1st pop, I slowly started thrusting again while continuing DFK. After a couple of minutes, I asked to flip her over to finish in doggy lying down; she proceeded to re-orient us so she was facing the mirror, allowing me to relish the view as I pounded away at her all the way up to the 2nd CIP.

I actually don’t remember too much of the details between this and the 3rd shot, but I do recall the 2 of us chatting a bit in Mandarin before I asked her for one more round. Her Chinese is definitely better than her English. She started off with a BJ again. We then went into CG, then mish for a bit, and then finished in doggie, where I let out my 3rd load.

By the time we finished, it was time to shower. She thoroughly washed me and jr off and then assisted me with getting dressed. We exchanged paperwork and then she walked me to the door, had a goodbye kiss, and I was off!

In terms of service, attitude, and communication, I would say she’s probably one of the best that I’ve had, and I would definitely recommend trying her at least once for service and attitude. Facial attractiveness does matter to me though, so I'm not sure if I will repeat...yet.

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