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18-11-2023 17:21
Super Horny Thai Girl

Date & Time of Session:  friday 17th night
Location:  NP
Name: S267
Link: N/A
Agent: https://t.me/meetmen
Nationality & Language: Thai. Good english. can make conversation
Age: 23
Face:  4/5
Body: 4/5 yes, rocking body and tight, soft boobs
Height:  160
Skill: 4/5
Service: 4/5
GFE: 5/5
PSE: 5/5
Price & Session Length:  1200/90min +500tip
Repeat: Yes

i have insatiable appetite for these girls. I plan to try all of them. then ill savor the best one at the end. for now, its second appetite. the first one I did

arrived at the doorstep. she greeted me with smile. sexy night gown. we had a small chat. getting warmed up. shower together. her body figure is hot and small. hugged and finger action. she kneeled down for bj. makes alot of noises in sucking.

we kissed then to foreplay actions. while rubbing her pussy, she became wet. which is a good sign. shes feeling it. i kept going on kissing, licking and fingering. switched to 69, sucking her juiciest pussy.  

capped on dom. started CG riding. she's literally moaning loud. she grabbed my man tits and riding me hard. turns me on then i grabbed her ass for hard poundtown. her juice kept dripping all over my balls.   

switched to lotus for slow and deep ride. we feeeling it out. kissed more on her neck. feels like erotic passion.

then i stood up and humped her while walking around. my legs gotta stretch switched to standing missionary on the bed, i thrusted in deep. few hard pumps until i can feeel her end. then i thrust slow in tempo.

30 mins passed i think. i havent cum yet   im saving up big loads   took a mini break, my dick parked inside her we lied down. then i sucked her tits. fondling around. we had a small chat about life.

back into action again, switched to doggy, nice view of her ass. few soft spanks. thrusting her in different tempo. her legs shook a bit like she's having orgasm. she told me she wanted to lie that she felt tired. so we laid down and did some spooning action. i lifted her leg up and pounded while rubbbing her clits.

the finale that im about to cum, switched to missionary, pound town all the way. took off dom. jizzed a huge loads all over her body. squirted 4-5 times. seeing her soaked with my cum turning me horny. its like hentai

we still have time left. . back to shower. my dick is still up and hard. she said to me " how to make it go down". whatever makes me feel good then she started off bj, squeezing my ounce of cum left.

back to bed, we cuddled. have another 30mins left. then start off DFK, her pussy still wet. i played around with my cock on her clit. rubbing and slapping on it. jerked off till i shot another one. cleaned up and shower.

Hugged her. and left with happy face.

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