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25-9-2023 22:58
Freelance philipina girl in Wanchai

Date: 23. September
Location: Amazonia/Wanchai
Name: Jenny
Age: 32
Height: 160 cm
Face: 4/5
Damage:2000 overnight

Went out on Saturday night to check the scene. Had a long term local from Indonesia, which moved away. So needed to find a new girl, if possible. Amazonia was always my favorite place, as I like the band very much. Can be hit and miss in terms of the girls quality. Had some good and some bad experience over the years. But all in all got lucky often.
Arrived around 11.00 pm. It was busy, but nothing compared to the good old times. Went in and got to the stage opposite of the band. When I entered the bar I saw a girl, wearing a nice dress with slim shape. She must have seen me as well, as she came close to me within the next 5 minutes already. I ignored her first in order to check the scene, but than started to make a quick scan and we started to chat about this and that. She made me feel comfortable and I really liked her attitudes. We had some drinks and went to my hotel at 1 am.
I opened a bottle of white whine and we sat down and talked about her and my life before we started action.
She is really a gem. We liked to kiss and touch the whole body, started to undress and went into the shower, stayed kissing in the shower for long time before we headed into the materbedroom.
She has small little tits, a shaved pussy and is very clean and tasty. She likes to give a good blow job, she knows how to handle condoms, she is good in several positions and she has a good condition. In 40 minutes she and I came twice.
Next morning we got horny again and the game started again. DFK, Daty, Licking, Sucking, Ballplay, everything I wanted was on the menue..
She left about 9 a.m. and we agreed to meet again on Thursday, as she was leaving to Vietnam on Monday. Damage was 2000 HKD. Not the cheapest, but worth every single penny.
Sunday night around 9.30 pm she contacted me and offered to come over to my hotel, but for limited time only, as she had to leave next day. OK for me, I said, but the price needed to be negotiated and adjusted. Done, we agreed on 1500 HKD and she would stay until 2 am. I was stilon my way home, she took taxi and waited already with a big smile in front of my hotel, when I arrived. How nice!,
Went up to my room. She finished the bottle of white whine, I opened red white for me and we started like teens to cuddle on the sofa in the living room and got naked quickly. After playing around for about 30 minutes, it was time to shower together and to start action again.
Arriving to the bedroom we kissed, cuddled and had fun with licking and sucking until we changed to 69. I took good care of her LS and she did take perfect care of my LB. She didn't stop sucking with her tongue until I blew my full load into her mouth. OMG.
I was expecting her to shout on me and spitting the load into the towel or just on the ground......NOTHING.... She swallowed every little drop.....and she enjoyed it. I asked her, if she likes salty snacks and she just loved out loud.
We took a rest for a while and slept for some time. Around 1 am I woke her up and we started to fuck for the last round before she needed to leave.
Hope to see her again on Thursday, as I leave on Friday and will not be back before January.

Really a perfect catch. Happy to have met her. Not sure, if she will allow to pass on her contacts.

homer168 26-9-2023 06:17 Karma +4 Great find. Thanks for sharing
natsumesama 26-9-2023 13:25 Karma +3 Excellent
Mandoggy 26-9-2023 20:04 Karma +3 Good stuff
TedKoppel 27-9-2023 14:56 Karma +2 $2k HKD is a bargain! Cheers. Even $1.5K is too for that second session.
jezzzz 28-9-2023 03:35 Karma +6
keny33 28-9-2023 07:15 Acceptance +1
victorion2019 29-9-2023 14:16 Karma +1 2000 overnight sounds extremely cheap
YobroAce 2-10-2023 19:38 Karma +3 Amazing catch
SalesGuy555 3-10-2023 05:35 Karma +2 An Excellent Find!
Hobbier 9-10-2023 22:03 Karma +3
zennor 11-10-2023 05:49 Karma +5
frollics1 12-10-2023 09:08 Acceptance +5 2k is great price . if they like you and not much other business they always do good
hotjac 12-10-2023 13:22 Karma +5 When its as good an experience as that price shouldn't be an issue - the bottom line is you did good!
Unitedfuture 14-10-2023 21:16 Karma +2
hkpunter999 16-10-2023 06:50 Karma +6
slickric423 29-10-2023 15:14 Karma +5
Aproximo 30-10-2023 11:29 Acceptance +1
lorenzo37 5-11-2023 20:42 Karma +2

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