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1-7-2023 17:48
Seeking - Unexpected freebie from college girl

Name: redacted for privacy
Location: my apartment
Date: Mid June
Site: Seeking.com
Age: 21
Face: 3/5
Body: 5/5 - big booty Asian
Nationality / Language: Mainlander from Shanghai / fluent English as she studies at a US college
GFE: 3/5
PSE: 5/5 - these college girls wild
Price: 6k for dinner but free sex the whole night

Seeking.com was always something I was very tempted to try but scared of trying given the low success rate and general unreliable nature of civilian girls. But something about the search and trial and error of it excites me. At this point, the standard spas and hotel WGs are too predictable for me - I know exactly what will happen walking in which sort of takes half the fun out of the game. So, I decided that despite the high costs generally associated with Seeking, I would give it a shot.

One of the best decisions I've made in 2023, right behind putting my year end bonus in Nvidia earlier this year, which should fund my hobby for the forseable future.

I actually first matched with this girl on Tinder but she barely responded. Her face is slightly above average but her body was amazing with an enticing photo of her booty while deadlifting in yoga pants. I then saw her profile with the same photos on Seeking and sent her a message... she responded quickly and way more enthusiasitcally... , especially after realizing we matched on Tinder too. Turns out she is from Shanghai and a junior at a very highly ranked US college, she was spending a week in HK on her way back home for summer break.

The conversation quickly turned into advice on her career and a bunch of questions about the finance industry in HK, these ambitious college girls who don't know much about the industry yet are quite easy to impress. She suggests a dinner date. Maintaining my persona as a successful man in finance, I take to one of the fancier restaurants around Central and come straight from work dressed quite formally. Impressed her by pretending to understand wine and she also got tipsy quite easily.

The rest of the night felt like a normal date. I suggest a couple drinks back at my place and she agrees without hesitating. We fuck three times over the night and she is very aggressive. I can tell she is quite submissive and liked being choked a bit, spanked, and having her hair pulled. Very sloppy BBBJ with great eye contact. At no point was money mentioned.

In between fucks, I ask her why she is on Seeking. She says she dates older guys anyway so might as well get something more out of it - can't argue with that logic.

On our 3rd round, I was struggling to find another condom, so she suggest to not use one. I gave into the temptation and went bare. It felt amazing. It was hard to say no and I told myself that a girl with a 99.9 percentile SAT score should be smart enough to stay clean and on birthcontrol. In hindsight it was a dumb move.

Met up with her again a couple days later before she left HK. No dinner this time but I gave her 2k for the night. She never specified any prices or asked though.

Seeking is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. But if you have the patience to do some trial and error, it can be quite rewarding.

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calaisien 1-7-2023 17:57 Karma +6
nate1168 1-7-2023 18:55 Karma +2 Went in raw…well as long as she’s not a working girl I guess that’s better. Hope you didn’t catch anything bud
cityguy 1-7-2023 19:10 Karma +6 bareback is always a foolish choice - hope you get checked.
bigchief27a 1-7-2023 20:55 Karma +2 Comment below
adrenal 1-7-2023 22:47 Karma +7 what is your age range? 24-30? just wondering for the conx to the uni girl
HKS77 2-7-2023 09:07 Karma +5 Good report, but like you said, and unforced error. I’ve been exploring SA for about a month, and quite like it, althou ...
americafirst141 2-7-2023 10:04 Karma +6
Mandoggy 2-7-2023 11:08 Karma +3 Nice!
Sandwhale 2-7-2023 11:35 Karma +5 Nice, beware the bb temptation though
scrappy 3-7-2023 00:04 Acceptance +1
wolfy187 3-7-2023 00:17 Karma +5 it was a freebie, you paid 6000... and then 2000
energylung 3-7-2023 00:23 Karma +4 nice review
Skepti10 3-7-2023 08:07 Karma +4 Great report! Love to hear more from seeking in HK
jackgoro 3-7-2023 11:48 Karma +4 nice one! gave me a chuckle "freebie" *wink* wink*
magictime12 3-7-2023 13:52 Karma +4
lively192 3-7-2023 21:04 Karma +4
myketin 4-7-2023 21:04 Karma +2 Should get checked, bb shouldn't be a choice bro
ebitda555 4-7-2023 23:25 Karma +3 I've still yet to find a freebie fk me
YobroAce 5-7-2023 22:33 Karma +3
Unitedfuture 6-7-2023 16:59 Karma +2
johndoe666 16-7-2023 17:14 Karma +3 How's her face? I think I am talking to the same person
relcom888 17-7-2023 10:19 Karma +3 Nice! I've had one or two successes on seeking. But purely transactional
chunkibutt 27-7-2023 16:10 Karma +2
Random5642 1-8-2023 16:18 Acceptance +1
ramont 3-8-2023 17:53 Karma +6 So has she left HK (& SA)?
boscitc 3-8-2023 21:09 Karma +8
dseto200 4-8-2023 06:49 Karma +5
MoboKo 8-8-2023 13:08 Acceptance +1
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