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19-6-2023 18:01
Eating indomie - Perfect ass thin waist

Name: Goes by Indofood on the TG groups
Language: English is good enough, Indonesian
Body: 5/5
Face 4/5
Skill: 4/5
GFE: 0 at the beginning, 5 at the end
WIR: Yeah, great bod, though I might be hesitant because she didn't let me worship that ass as much as I wanted to haha
Price: 1000 for FS unrushed 2 hours

Met on a TG group, had trouble setting up a time but then it worked out. Torrential rain this past Saturday but we connected. I think she'd been waiting for me for a bit so she was a bit...not upset but just like "let's hurry up already." Once we got in the room (my hotel) she immediately asked for the money and seemed like "ah man, this is going to be transactional." I'd brought some baby oil to massage her and she seemed uninterested. Seemed like she was going to make me shower alone...but then, I think maybe she's been burned before and she was just being careful. She climbed in the shower with me and once I started rubbing her, she loosened up. Lots of suds and grinding made us both happy. She gave a devilish little smile while tugging me off. Lots of body contact and passion. We got into bed and she assented to the massage, but never seemed 100% comfortable with it. Esp once I got down to her ass, she kind of giggled and said "no I'll massage you instead." Maybe a guy has used this before as a trick to stick an uninvited thumb up her poop chute or something. She hopped on and massaged me for awhile, body to body and we chatted about everything under the sun.

PAUSE: Fucking body...look at the photos. They're real. She's got a big glorious apple bottom with perfectly smooth skin and somehow absolute symmetry. She has a thin waist and a tight tummy and big lips and man I love Indos.

Back to the story: SO THERE I WAS, BRUSHING HER TEETH WITH MY COCK. She isn't the most expert cocksucker I've ever met, but she was giving a lot more GFE than before so I excused it. Condom on, missionary, went deep, her little yelps spurring me on. She asked for doggy but I wanted her to ride first. She did for awhile and then got "tired," so I pounded from behind until the gates of heaven opened. We showered together and cuddled a bit, then went out separate ways. Look at the picks below, taken from her TG. You won't see her face, but you will know why I messaged her. (Sorry I can't show you my favorites...not allowed to share those.)

You can find her easily on those TG groups, she's on several. No need to mention this review, thanks!

justforfunyo 19-6-2023 18:06 Karma +5 What a killer body
tchengaa 19-6-2023 18:37 Karma +2 What's her name? Please pm me thanks!
momozzz 19-6-2023 18:41 Karma +4 loojs damn hot
adrenal 19-6-2023 18:42 Karma +7 how much for the hotel?
broskilerm 19-6-2023 21:25 Karma +2 Could you PM me the contact?
banter141a 19-6-2023 23:02 Karma +5
HKGPeter 19-6-2023 23:23 Karma +3 Thank you.
Nomadd63 20-6-2023 00:38 Acceptance +1 Could you share her tg please
Candy_bar 20-6-2023 05:39 Karma +5 Please PM contact
HK_Legend 20-6-2023 07:38 Karma +8 "Indofood"? So sponsored by my friend ANTON :) :) Please bring TOOTH BRUSH next time :)
lootbag 20-6-2023 09:03 Karma +5 Nice
JackTheBat 20-6-2023 09:08 Karma +10 "little yelps spurring me on"... cute AF.
americafirst141 20-6-2023 09:57 Karma +6
Berk98 20-6-2023 15:15 Karma +2
jackgoro 20-6-2023 15:33 Karma +4 not had indo for a while!
Raven700 20-6-2023 16:06 Acceptance +1 Hey bro. Any wechat contact?
Rayguy 20-6-2023 17:09 Karma +5
unicorn3232 20-6-2023 22:12 Acceptance +1 Sounds amazing!! Perfect body. Any chance you could PM or share TG username? :)) Can't find anywhere
NeilSydney1 20-6-2023 23:08 Karma +2
ramont 21-6-2023 05:32 Karma +8 Dang! What a hottie! Would love to get her contact.
tempo 21-6-2023 08:26 Karma +2 Thanks 4 sharing
Sandwhale 21-6-2023 14:58 Karma +5 Great find! Can you share the TG contact?
Unitedfuture 21-6-2023 19:47 Karma +2 damn shes fine
asdfhk 21-6-2023 20:11 Karma +2 May i hv her tg?
Mike747 21-6-2023 20:30 Karma +5 Excellent
Ultrahamz 22-6-2023 01:33 Acceptance +1
jimbo141 22-6-2023 07:25 Karma +4 Any chance for contact or the group to find her on?
toey_toad 22-6-2023 10:29 Karma +6
fashionly 22-6-2023 18:14 Acceptance +1 Any chance of sharing the tg group?
420man4life 22-6-2023 23:01 Karma +4 Thanks, how's her face?
Johnnyr555 23-6-2023 01:14 Karma +8
hotsweetmojo 27-6-2023 14:18 Acceptance +1 thanks for the report. Can you help share the TG group?
Thedarklord 27-6-2023 14:53 Acceptance +1 Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.
aokiji 27-6-2023 15:43 Acceptance +1 Thanks for the report brother !!
satoshi69 27-6-2023 16:06 Karma +1 nice! how big are her breasts?
lively192 27-6-2023 17:10 Karma +4
franklinturtle 27-6-2023 17:35 Karma +2 Amazing booty. Would love if you could share TG
aeroga 27-6-2023 19:38 Acceptance +1 Thank you for the report! Appreciate if you can PM th group please
bittu92 27-6-2023 22:44 Karma +1 Please PM TG group info. Thanks for the awesome report!
frollics1 28-6-2023 20:15 Karma +2 will have to try that
austin821 29-6-2023 04:43 Karma +8
Rastamouse 29-6-2023 12:07 Acceptance +1 Can you share the TG or group? Thanks
Maxmena 1-7-2023 15:40 Acceptance +3 Nice! Please PM her contact!
CplayerL 1-7-2023 17:00 Karma +2
quoththeraver 7-7-2023 15:41 Acceptance +1
manhands 12-7-2023 17:09 Karma +4
Nightwing230 12-7-2023 19:34 Acceptance +1 Nice bro! Please PM her/tg group contact
bsun 14-7-2023 01:15 Karma +2
Flybydr 22-7-2023 13:33 Karma +5
john.cvb 24-7-2023 22:13 Acceptance +2 Look at that ass!
magictime12 1-8-2023 18:07 Karma +4
miketk 1-8-2023 22:12 Karma +5 Bro I would pay her for ass fxxk. Would you mind share me her TG pls? Thanks!
fatwhale 2-8-2023 00:24 Acceptance +1
honkong2012 2-8-2023 22:00 Karma +4 So many leeches who never give karma giving 1 to get contact. Not hard to give max
Adwxxiv 10-8-2023 20:55 Acceptance +1
ekebus 12-8-2023 11:50 Acceptance +1 Can you please dm me tg group/contact?
pipolaki 28-8-2023 20:21 Acceptance +5 Nice!!!
priaposado 5-9-2023 11:04 Acceptance +1 Thanks for the great report!
swan 6-9-2023 00:57 Karma +8 Awesome fuck me body
mellow3029 9-9-2023 18:03 Acceptance +1 awesome report. Would love to get the TG info.
TedKoppel 11-9-2023 16:35 Karma +2
JM007 14-9-2023 23:00 Karma +2 Simply nice! What is the TG group that you found her from?

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