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27-5-2023 11:33
Joe Bananas

Friday night 26th may

when for a wonder around Wanchai as all the local helpers where out in full swing,   visited carneigies first and there was a few girls in there having fun but knew too many people to accept any offers in there.

so I had a walk around and ended up in jo bananas    as soon as I walked in I was directed to sit by a tiny filipino girl and bought a drink.  she immediate came on pretty strong and she awoke the LB

she called herself Maria and was in a very low cut  white lace top   anyway after talking with her decided I wasn't interested but she kept on at me and I couldn't walk away as had a raging hard on.  

so bought her a couple drinks and agreed to go back to her hotel (300 hour hotel).     paid her the agreed 1000 and into shower.   but this is where the LB started to loose interest.  
she has recently had twins and fake boob so bigbelly and stretch marks  that she had kept well hidden in the bar.

she had promised me a really good service but it was a little mediocre.  BBBJ which she said normally more but she liked me.    then on with the Dom and she climbs on top for all of 2 minutes before swapping to mish.   I had had a few beers and looking at the belly was making LB go off her so asked to switch to Doggy she refused saying I was too big.

shed been groping it in the bar and I told her I wanted to do her from behind.

so all in all an expensive punt and didn't really enjoy it.     maybe I need to go out later next week.   anyone wanna meet me for a beer and show me the best way to handle the girls

oh and if anyone has an Amy woinehouse fetish.. in carniegies there was a young dark haired Russian girl. that was a lookalike of Amy.    she was very drunk and snogging groping all the other girls.  so decided she was too much like hard work

but on the mar home got talking to a helper who was cute she took my number and been messaging me all morning    so maybe a good  time to be had yet.

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