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7-4-2023 20:49
Huge rack SA girl

Thread Subject: Huge rack SA girl
Date & Time of Session:  2021-2022
Location: HK island
Name:  Christina
Link : Whatspp + TG on request
Nationality & Language: HK / very decent English
Age: early 30's
Face:  5/10
Body: 7/10 For the fans of huge tits
Skill: 5/10
Service: 5/10
GFE: 4/10
Price & Session Length:  started at 10k but decreased till...... surprise
Repeat: Not anymore

Ok guys.... As I am now emptying my back log on SA girls, please let me introduce you Christina. She is a HK girl, early 30's with a ..... massive pair of  natural boobs. But when I say massive it must be around 36G or something similar...
I will try to upload a picture for scientific purposes only, of course.

Well, it started with her almost 2 years ago, via SA. Regular stuff, nothing worth mentioning, except that when she spoke she was always a bit weird in her text/messages. As some other bros mentioned, you can find everything in SA. The well seasoned gal
as the most lost girl who does not have a clue about life in general. And guess what? Christina is of the latter . I might even say that she is probably a bit mentally..... weak (to put it mildly), but then, who cares.

You can basically talk her to accept anything (more later). At first, before I met her for real, I was strongly suspecting a dude behind this account, since he complied to any request I made. What made me suspicious is that she would not want to meet quickly and kept delaying.
And on the other side, she kept sending me pictures of her ... in suggestive positions.

Anyways, finally she agreed to meet me but then again, she lowered her requests from the initial 10k to....... 500 HKD. And that almost without any negotiation or rebuttal. Who was I to refuse ??

I pass on the details, nothing exceptional here. She does the job, pretty decently, accepts almost anything, but does not show a lot of enthusiasm.

And this is where it gets fun.... This lack of enthusiasm led me to ignore her when she texted me again. She was always asking to meet again, with prices having a bigger volatility than US stock markets on a frenzy night.

All this made me really bored and I only met her a couple of times for prices ranging from 500 to ...... 50 (yes ! 50 HKD). This is what makes me think she has no light at all stores (French colloquial expression, look it up on the web, bros !)

Then after I ignored her more, she kept telling me she loved gwailos, she could not go without a gwailo etc.... I was really getting tired of her insisting on meeting me again, that I finally proposed that she paid me instead of the opposite. I let you guys figure out what happened.
Anyways, I she is not really my type and despite her HUGE pair of tits, not much fun anymore.

I am willing to pass her details for those interested.

TIPS: pretend that you love Golden Retrievers (she absolutely loves those dogs), and she is all yours !

Have fun,

PS: a few picture samples to give you an idea

Mandoggy 7-4-2023 22:14 Karma +3 Damn.. getting paid to fuck her! You sir won the Internet today!
jkfoodftw 7-4-2023 22:54 Karma +10 Huge tits and getting paid to fuck? One lucky bastard...
zhude10 7-4-2023 22:56 Karma +4 This is hands down one of the fkng funniest best reports I’ve ever read. I’m a few drinks in to Friday but FML. This i ...
soundwave 7-4-2023 22:59 Karma +2 Please pass me her details as I would love to give her a try
biztron 7-4-2023 23:24 Karma +3 dammmmn dude, pass deets pls haha
batman108 7-4-2023 23:30 Karma +6 awesome and thanks
MrButtons 8-4-2023 00:49 Karma +5 This is awesome!!! I'd love to have the contact man!
cknc31 8-4-2023 01:19 Karma +4 loooooool
Rayguy 8-4-2023 08:05 Karma +5 Incredible
jezzzz 8-4-2023 08:16 Karma +6 shagadelic
thedude 8-4-2023 08:19 Karma +8 nice
deepak123 8-4-2023 08:32 Karma +3 Awesome, contacts please !
Jamesinhongkong 8-4-2023 09:27 Acceptance +2 Would love her contact please
Raven700 8-4-2023 09:40 Acceptance +1
livinginhk 8-4-2023 10:14 Karma +3 Nice. Would love the contact too
obe 8-4-2023 10:51 Karma +10 Excellent
dontkonwme 8-4-2023 10:56 Karma +3 Would love to get WhatsApp or telegram please!
booby_lover 8-4-2023 11:35 Karma +5 What a a pair!!! Surely they were worth putting up with a little crazy.
alphonzehk 8-4-2023 13:20 Karma +4 Please PM contact. I could do with some beer money
Bobcat23 8-4-2023 14:21 Acceptance +1 Amazing would you min sharing her tg lol
americafirst141 8-4-2023 14:27 Karma +6
blackboy123 8-4-2023 16:53 Acceptance +1 Thanks. Please share her contact
HK_Legend 8-4-2023 20:06 Karma +8 "pretend that you love Golden Retrievers" ROFL. You are killing me!
gonethem 8-4-2023 20:15 Acceptance +1 Hi would you mind sharing contact please pm thanks
Tyronekhan11 8-4-2023 20:19 Acceptance +1 A clingy girl… sign me up. Please could I get her TG
pinkrabbit 9-4-2023 08:14 Karma +3 Thanks man, Would love her contact please
gwailoplayer 9-4-2023 12:11 Karma +5 There's a line between crazy fun and crazy dangerous
shaykh 9-4-2023 18:26 Karma +3
boscitc 9-4-2023 18:32 Karma +8
HKS77 10-4-2023 12:40 Karma +4 Nice report
test74 10-4-2023 14:24 Karma +4 Contact please. Thanks
hedes122000 10-4-2023 21:44 Acceptance +1 TG pls~ thanks man
aking 11-4-2023 00:29 Karma +2 Excellent - possible to have contact? Thanks
dadumdum 11-4-2023 10:06 Karma +6 LOL amazing work. Would love her contact please
jchappers1990 11-4-2023 11:06 Karma +3 Wow! Please share her contact bro
Baozibj 11-4-2023 11:52 Acceptance +1 Excellent
jihadiwarrior 11-4-2023 13:48 Acceptance +1 Excellent. Please share her contact
thehongkongdude 12-4-2023 07:31 Acceptance +1 Excellent. Please share her contact l!
1080noscoping 12-4-2023 07:36 Acceptance +1 Please share contact
Harrie7890 13-4-2023 10:42 Acceptance +1 Excellent
adav 13-4-2023 12:29 Acceptance +1 Excellent. Pls DM her TG
omnihedron 13-4-2023 12:58 Karma +3 Contact details much appreciated
momozzz 13-4-2023 20:12 Karma +6 sounds really interesting. Would love to know more if you could share.
wandering13213 14-4-2023 17:47 Karma +5 Awesome find! Please share contact in PM! cheers
calaisien 14-4-2023 20:41 Karma +6 Thanks Bro, please PM her TG
Suissewinner 15-4-2023 00:19 Acceptance +1 Would love to get her telegram
andre_hk 16-4-2023 00:37 Acceptance +1
Harrit890 17-4-2023 11:11 Acceptance +1 Excellent !! Can I have her contact plz.
PH8989 17-4-2023 13:20 Acceptance +1 Interesting. Mind sharing her contacts?
slystrawberry 18-4-2023 21:13 Acceptance +1 Excellent, can I get the TG details when you get a chance?
john.cvb 19-4-2023 12:05 Acceptance +2 Sounds funny and fun! Loved the translation for the light on all floors ;D Please share her contact if she is not overwh ...
dabbler 19-4-2023 20:57 Karma +3 Sounds fun. Pls can I have a contact
david_r1 20-4-2023 16:44 Karma +1 please pm me her details. would love to snack on her
secrete 20-4-2023 20:40 Acceptance +1
Chocomilk 21-4-2023 02:22 Acceptance +1 Can I have her contact pls
michael_love 25-4-2023 15:30 Karma +3
Ultrahamz 27-4-2023 08:09 Acceptance +1
MaxReal 30-4-2023 07:51 Acceptance +1 Amazing. Do you share contact or up for MMF?
bisjop 2-5-2023 09:56 Acceptance +1 Awesome! Bigboob fanatic here, would love her contact details
Dingos 4-5-2023 17:16 Acceptance +3 Excellent review, but sounds insane. I wonder how much mileage will I get out of it if I tried? Mind passing me the cont ...
Quicksand 4-5-2023 20:18 Acceptance +1 An amazing and impressive report. Achievement unlocked!
ekebus 6-5-2023 13:18 Karma +1 Pls pm!
Unitedfuture 22-5-2023 17:26 Acceptance +2 bizarre girl
energylung 4-6-2023 18:03 Karma +4
420man4life 5-6-2023 01:03 Karma +4 Contact please, and how's the face?
sniper111 7-6-2023 01:20 Acceptance +1 Can I have her contact detail please? Thanks
987lucky 18-6-2023 06:06 Acceptance +1
Penny@7 19-6-2023 12:30 Acceptance +1
fatdude2014 19-6-2023 21:06 Karma +2 Thanks man, hope to get contact
DGinf 3-7-2023 17:32 Karma +3 Contact info greatly appreciated
scrappy 4-7-2023 23:40 Acceptance +1
sky004 5-7-2023 01:01 Karma +2 Thanks bro, can i please have the contact
quoththeraver 11-7-2023 13:21 Acceptance +1
sabbel 24-7-2023 18:11 Acceptance +1 Excellent
houndog 3-8-2023 14:57 Acceptance +1
pipolaki 28-8-2023 19:24 Karma +5 Pour la lumiere dans les yeux... Send it to daddy!

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