Subject: Home Thai - Wanchai - First Not-So-Good Report
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Home Thai - Wanchai - First Not-So-Good Report

Home Thai, Swatow Street, Wanchai
Girl’s name: Dok (sp?)
Thai - very limited English, no Cantonese or Mandarin
Face: 4/5
Body: 4/5
GFE : 0
Total for 60 minutes: $500 for the massage plus $500 tip
WIR: Yes for Home Thai, no for this girl

I’ve been to Home Thai quite a few times, as have other bros who have reported positive experiences. So it’s really just this particular girl I think. I didn’t book, just happened to be in the area and decided to pop in. She was the one who let me in and the only one around and said “I massage you”, and since she was pretty with a nice smile and very good body I said sure.

In the room I gave her my standard upfront $500 tip explaining what it means. She thanked me, then asked what I wanted. She has very limited English, so it was difficult to communicate, but I got the idea across and she started explaining something, which I eventually understood (because she showed me) that she had her period. Aww jeez. Anyway, she then immediately started negotiating for more just to take off her top and provide a standard HJ. That set the tone, and I didn’t accept as she wanted another $300. Spoiler alert, she let me touch her tits anyway and gave me the HJ.

However, during p1, while she did give an excellent massage, she positioned herself on the table behind me for the entire time so that I couldn’t even touch her. And she never touched LB, despite my asking her and using my hand to try and take hers to that area.

On the flip, I was shocked that she immediately grabbed LB, who was far from ready for anything given the p1 experience, and starting jerking me off vigorously. I stopped her, which I guess she thought meant I wanted more, and she pulled up her top and her bra and shoved her tit in my mouth. Now I must say that she has beautiful tits with great nipples, probably 34C definitely all natural.

But before LB was even fully at attention she made sure I came really quick. Then cleaned me up and proceeded with the regular massage.

Oh well, they can’t all be great, right? Just beware if you go that she’s one of the few that won’t produce the results you went there for in the first place.

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longtimelurker   14-2-2024 22:26  Karma  +4   first I know your trick works (and I’ve used it before) but there are some establishments that we can just let the magi ...
jackchan79   13-2-2024 23:36  Karma  +3   Sounds pretty hot actually loool
shyrocket   13-2-2024 22:16  Karma  +3   Unfortunate but thx for heads up
momozzz   13-2-2024 16:37  Karma  +2   sounds... pretty bad


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