Subject: YauYuet TST with Jojo
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YauYuet TST with Jojo

Date & Time of Session:  Feb 2024
Location:  TST
Name:  Jojo
Nationality & Language:  I think she's Vietnamese and not mixed blood as the ad says, but she speaks english well
Age: mid 20s
Face:  7/10
Body: 7/10
Height:  5'3?
Skill: 8/10
Service: 5/10
GFE: 7/10
PSE: I never know how to rate these
Price & Session Length:  900 for 45min
Repeat: depends on mood.

I figured I'd ask early and book well in advance for the day with this agent. Reviews on her from this place were pretty good for Jojo so why not. A good fuck before dinner isnt a bad idea. Messaged early afternoon for a session near dinner time.

Place was easy enough to find, the place has a few girls living here with a separate shower as mentioned by others. Anyways, rang bell, a girl opens up and i asked for Jojo and she leads me to a room, says shes gonna be around 15min, but shes willing to service me instead? I couldnt tell who she was so i said I wanna wait the 15. Jojo shows up around 10min after. Peteite body with b/c cups. undresses and leads me to shower. A good clean of the LB area and back to the room.

I wanted a massage to start but she says its not included.. right.. so she lies down beside me and we do a little lfk. i work my way down to kiss those perky tits and wanted to go to town with daty but that was a nono. Tried to rub her LS and was also greeted with a no..
So she said let me do the service. an alright bbbj. nothing spectacular, but shes not afraid to lick my sack. not much suction but she goes up and down a lot. few minutes of this and she climbs on top of me and whispers to me, fuck me hard daddy. Caps me off and some CG. i play with this tits while she moves. then switch the mish where i pounded her hard to make those tits bounce. she's quite petite so had to use the pillow for leverage on her lowerback to get good thrusts to watch her tits bounce. moved to doggy. and the sick man I am, i made her stand up in front of the mirror to take it so i can watch her face as i do it from behind.

I was ready to explode and i said mouth? and she agreed, i lie down and she sucks me off till i . I asked her to show me and she did.

she told me to rest as she left the room.. didnt come back for 10min and lead me to shower. Paid the 900 and off i go

I dont think this agent uses the girls photos at all. i knew it was jojo simply due to the huge tat on her shoulder.

I'd repeat with her. she seems fun, but lacking in the actual service part.
I liked the photos on the tg group, and i know this agent provides 3somes.. i'd like to try one day, but first I do wanna give Yuki a try if she's even real LMAO

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mellow3029   22-2-2024 22:29  Acceptance  +1   Had worst experience with Jojo for me. She stopped halfway and told me that she cannot do it. Later the agent told that ...
firsttimelong   16-2-2024 08:31  Acceptance  +1   sounds like a pretty good experience, these girls seem to have good english
HKGPeter   13-2-2024 21:22  Karma  +3   Thank you.
ccyc   13-2-2024 15:16  Karma  +3   Don’t bother with Yuki. She’s nothing like the photos and the worst punt I’ve tried at YauYuet.
clampbottom   13-2-2024 10:35  Karma  +3   Excellent
Tim8land   13-2-2024 04:52  Acceptance  +1   

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