Subject: Upsells at 12 B1 in Fuji
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Upsells at 12 B1 in Fuji

Date & Time of Session:  February 11
Location:  Fuji building, 12B1
Name: Didn't ask
Nationality & Language: Hong Kong. Cantonese, mainland chinese and english.
Age: 20s
Face:  9/10
Body: 8/10
Height: Average
Skill: 7/10
Service: 2/10
GFE: 1/10
PSE: 2/10
Price & Session Length: Base 800
Repeat: No

It's a bit disappointing and feels like a bit of hubris when a girl who sets her base price at 800 offers worse service than girls at 500. Excellent face and body, but spends more time talking about the extra services you can buy and pointing out the time to you than she does actually providing any service. Turned it all down and tried to make it clear I wasn't interested in talking about upsells while we were in the middle of doing it, didn't finish when time was up and decided to not persist. Girl was still insistent on taking a tip for her "service" despite her failure to finish the job, needed to be elsewhere so I just gave the extra and left. Slightly shallower than average, bottomed out with a pinky width to spare. Moans stayed the exact same throughout regardless of what was happening.

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