Subject: [Darling 1] - Round 2
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[Darling 1] - Round 2

Date & Time of Session: 13 January 2024
Location: Darling 1, Masters Hotel
Name: Don't know, and strangely no number badge either
Age: Early-mid 20s
Face: 4/5
Body: 4.5/5
Skill: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price & Session Length: MOP2,470 for 75 Mins
Repeat: Yes to the place, but would try another from the fishbowl

After my first try here in early December I was at a loose end on a Saturday in January so decided to try Darling 1 for a second time.  Got there around 3.15 pm and there were around 30 girls in the fishbowl.  A mix of Thai, Viet and Mainlanders.  Prices seem to have fallen since the last time I was there, with the cheapest Viets going for around HKD1,600.  The "Queen" was still HKD3,000, but I decided to go for a "Thai  Model Class" for HKD2,470.

The girl at the very far left  of the line up was a stunner so I chose her.  Around 5'7", shapely ass and decent naturals (I would say B or C).  Paid the papasan and then she led me up to the room arm-in-arm, so it kind of felt like we were going to a debutante ball or I was being ushered.  Either way it felt good.

Got into the room and she immediately pulled out her phone to use the translate app - "I cannot speak English".  Oh well, no banter but at least she was upfront about what the session was going to be like.

Part 1: The usual massage while the hot tub ran. It could have been stronger and more enthusiastic, but can't complain about a smoking hot Thai girl getting her kit off and giving you a massage.

Part 2: In the tub she was quite attentive and playful.  A lot of cleaning, nipple play on me and teasing with good eye contact and giggling from her.  She then proceeded to give us both mouthwash followed by a long and slurpy BBBJ.

Part 3: Back onto the circular bed with some more BBBJ while I gazed up at her amazing pear shaped ass on the ceiling mirror.  She then put on the dom and rode me CG.  Was again in awe of the body.  Toned but soft, let me fondle her breasts and stomach while she rode me.  Then we switched to doggy so I could again admire that sweet ass.  The other good thing about this girl is that she could take (and seemed to enjoy) a good pounding.  Finished off in missionary gazing into her eyes.  A kiss at the end and then back into the shower where she cleaned me down.

Overall assessment: better quality of girl than the first time, but the lack of English made the session a bit less fun.

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Reply #1 takahe2's post

Is the $3000 “Queen” a Chinese model? This place tag is super high in Darling.

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